Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

IPRC Webinar Archive

Webinar about Bullying (Events of 25th anniversary of IPRC)

Bullying Introduction Webinar (Apr. 2013) (59 min.)
Bullying Policies Panel (Apr. 2013) (1hr 26 min.)

IPRC Training Webinar Series

K2/Spice and Bath Salts (Nov. 2011) (2 hr. 6 min.)

Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)

Grant to Pilot Implementation Based Prevention Programs (Sep. 2012) (1 hr 8 min.)
Grant to Pilot Family Based Prevention Programs (July, 2012) (50 min. 36 sec.) Presentation

Indiana Survey

ATOD Survey - Making Sense of the Data (Aug. 2012) (13 min. 42 sec.)
ATOD Survey - Administration Guide Video (Aug. 2011) (7 min. 47 sec.)
ATOD Survey - Filling in the Gaps with Archival Data (Aug. 2011) (19 min. 25 sec.) Transcript